About KOM

Kodikkalpalyam resides in south-west region of Tiruvarur district which is part of Tamil Nadu state, India. This small village constitutes of 2 municipality wards and follows the constitutions under Tiruvarur municipality. Albeit small in size, Kodikkalpalayam is nevertheless equipped with essential and functional government institutions providing primary, secondary, tertiary education and public health facilities. Moreover, there are 2 spacious mosques and numerous ‘thargha’ in order to cater to the Kodikkalpalayam population which is predominantly Muslim. Kodikkalpalayam is also blessed with lush greenery and several water bodies.

It’s history dates back to 11th century when Tiruvarur was one of the capitals of the Chola Empire. During the reign of Kulothunga Chola Emperor, the empire flag was hoisted at the south of the Tiruvarur town and army base set up there to guard the border. As such this location was addressed as “Kodikaavalpalayam” which loosely translates to the place/quarters that guard the flag. Over the years, this name morphed to the current village name, Kodikkalpalayam.

Another legend that prevails behind the name Kodikkalpalayam is when our forefathers migrated to the village 500 years ago, they saw that betel creepers were in abundant there. Naturally, they harvested betel creepers for living and thus the name Kodikkalpalayam came by following the tamil term for betel creepers, “Kodikkal”. Our forefathers started settling down in Tiruvarur region that lies in between “Saalaikaara” street and river. However due to lack of facilities for prayers, most of them emigrated to other villages except 7 families who decided to make Kodikkalpalayam their home on 1452 BC ( 872 Hijri). Eventually more families immigrated to Kodikkalpalayam from nearby villages and as of now, there are about 1000 families residing in our humble village.

Though agriculture was the main source of income in the past, eventually Kodikkalpalayam residents diversified their focus to set up small-scale businesses in nearby Tiruvarur and some also extended their businesses beyond shores to South-east Asian countries. This diaspora led to the arrival of Kodikkalpalayam residents to Malayan Peninsula in the 17th century. Keeping up with the trends of globalization, Kodikkalpalayam residents have set up base with their families in several parts of the world, namely Middle Eastern countries, Unites States of America, Australia, European countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Hongkong.